Fabric Craft – Sewing Tools

I use all of these sewing tools to help me make every sewing project all the more exciting and joyful. I hardly ever am without my small scissors, a needle, and some thread!

**The links below are affiliate links to items that I use all of the time. Please, feel free to browse and ask questions on anything you see listed below. If you make a purchase, it will help towards the running of Everybunny Crafts!**

Merchant & Mills Easy Thread Needles
Ever since my sister found these Merchant & Mills Easy Thread Needles for me, it has been easier to sew my projects. They come in a little wooden container with 12 inside.
Merchant & Mills Pin Magnet
I love the Merchant & Mills Pin Magnet. It isn’t very big, but the magnet is quite strong.
Merchant & Mills Toilet Pins
Merchant & Mills makes these Black Glass Head Toilet Pins that are great for thick layers of fabric, like quilts and draperies.
Merchant & Mills Entomology Pins
These Entomology Pins are thin, but wonderful for fine fabrics. They don’t leave holes behind on precious silks and lightweight cloths.
Clover Seam Ripper
Any standard seam ripper will do, and I do find myself using the one that came with my sewing machine; however, I really like the Clover Seam Ripper because it lays flat and won’t roll around.
Gingher Left-Handed Shears
Since I’m left-handed, I have my trusty Gingher Left-Handed Dressmaker’s Shears for all of my fabric projects. For right-handed crafters, here is a pair of Gingher Dressmaker’s Shears for you.
Gingher Embroidery Scissors
It’s wise to have a small pair of scissors on hand when doing projects. I love my Gingher Embroidery Scissors because I can clip loose threads with ease.
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