Fiber Craft – Notions

These notions are important in my everyday woolly activities. I am *never* without my knitting register and some point protectors. Those two notions have helped me make my project-making tremendously easier.

**The links below are affiliate links to items that I use all of the time. Please, feel free to browse and ask questions on anything you see listed below. If you make a purchase, it will help towards the running of Everybunny Crafts!**

Clover Knitting Register
I really like using this Clover Knitting Register as my row counter because I can slip this tool onto a knitting needle and leave it on there until my project is finished; it doesn’t get misplaced. In fact, I have a few of them in case I’m in-between two pieces of work and I need a register for both of them.
Clover Split Ring Markers
The Clover Split Ring Markers are great because they slip on and off easily. I use them especially when I’m shaping a piece of work, or if I’m knitting on circular needles and I want to know where a row begins.
Clover Point Protectors
I use the Clover Small Point Protectors on straight needles to protect the ends and prevent stitches from slipping off, and when I want to use double-pointed needles like straight needles. These are good for needles smaller than size 7. If you have needles that are larger than size 7 but smaller than size 10.5, the Large Point Protectors are your best choice.
Clover Double Pointed Needle Protectors
I love the shape of these Clover Small Double Pointed Needle Protectors and the Clover Large Double Pointed Needle Protectors. The cute sheep protect both ends of double-points and keep projects from slipping off the needles.
Clover Bear Needle Huggers
The Addi Bear Needle Huggers are another set of double-pointed needle protectors in cute bear shapes. These are great in that they come in four different sizes to fit a variety of needles, even large single point needles.
Clover Double Ended Stitch Holders
The Clover Double Ended Stitch Holder is a great tool to use when you’re needing a set of needles that are in use on another project. Just slip this through the stitches, close it shut, and you’re ready to go onto another exciting project! I use the large set the most.
Dritz Sweater Comb
D-Fuzz-It, or the Dritz Sweater Comb, picks up stray balls of fiber with a gentle swipe of the tool.
Clover Small Pompom Maker
I use the Clover Small Pompom Maker for cute small projects, or the Clover Large Pompom Maker to make giant fluffy pompoms for larger projects.
Fairfield PolyFil
Fairfield Poly-Fil is my go-to polyester fill for all sewing and knitting projects that need stuffing!
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