Mitered Corners on Napkins

Napkins - Fabric

Last month, I bought some linen fabric to make pretty napkins. I wasn’t sure how I was going to finish them, so I did some research on finishing edges. I was looking for something clean and crisp, when I came across mitered corners. Mitered corners are simple to do; they don’t take much time, but that doesn’t mean that the finish product is mediocre. It actually creates a nice classic and sharp look to any fabric edge.

Start with your fabric cut at the size you want to use. I cut my linen into 18-inch squares.

Napkins - Single Fold

Measure ½-inch from the edge with a seam gauge or ruler, and with an iron, press the fabric on all sides.

Napkins - Double Fold

Again, going around the edge with a seam gauge or ruler, press the fabric another ½-inch from the edge, creating a double fold.

Napkins - Unfolded for Mitering

Unfold one time on all edges, maintaining a folded layer.


Fold a corner into the square, 1 inch from the edge. Pin it in place. Press the corner flat.

Napkins - Marked for Sewing

Unfold the corner and mark the diagonal line created with a marking pencil.

Napkins - Pinned for Sewing

With right sides together, pin the fabric where the line overlaps, making sure the edges are squared and flushed.

Napkins- Sewn and Cut

Sew right on that line, and cut the excess fabric with an ⅛-inch seam allowance. Repeat the steps on all corners.

Napkins - Pinned for Sewing the Seam

Flip the seams with raw edges in, and pin along all four sides.

Napkins - Finished Seam

Sew an ⅛-inch in from the inside edge of the seam in one single run on the sewing machine; when you come to a corner, pivot the fabric 90 degrees with the needle still in the napkin, then re-place the foot and sew!

Napkins - Finished Napkin

Remove all pins, steam, and press the napkin. Now you have completed one! Go make more pretty napkins in an assortment of colors!

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