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Mitered Corners on Napkins

Napkins - Fabric

Last month, I bought some linen fabric to make pretty napkins. I wasn’t sure how I was going to finish them, so I did some research on finishing edges. I was looking for something clean and crisp, when I came across mitered corners. Mitered corners are simple to do; they don’t take much time, but that doesn’t mean that the finish product is mediocre. It actually creates a nice classic and sharp look to any fabric edge.
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2016 End of the Year Update

Work in Progress: Study of Berries

As you all can see, it’s been many months since I’ve done an update, or any sort of entry, on my craft blog. I’ve been quite busy, drawing, drafting, coloring, using Photoshop and Illustrator, to help me finish my projects since September. October was filled with research and troubleshooting my drawings, getting them ready for the printers. I was so excited to share with you all of my progress, when, suddenly, my dad passed away.
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Sneak Peek: Sketching on Paper

Work In Progress: Sketches of Food

Hi, everyone! I wanted to let people know that I’m not a one-trick pony! Just kidding! Really, though, I know I’ve been posting a whole bunch of woolly posts. Yes, they’re super cute, but I’m pretty sure that all of you are wondering why I haven’t been posting any paper or fabric projects. It’s a bit of a long story, but I’m still waiting for my shipment of some amazing Copic Markers. Have any of you used these pens? They’re magical. They blend beautifully when you use them. But waiting for them? Oh, man. Sadly, the demand is so great that they’re always sold out in stores. I’ve been waiting for two months, and those markers are still on backorder from where I bought them. Sigh. While I wait for those to show up in the post, I’ve been drawing a lot and brushing up on my calligraphy.
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Knit Bunny Toy

Knit Bunnies and Kitty

Before I get to the bunny toy tutorial, here’s a little story on how I began making toys.

I’ve knitted toys for friends and for myself for a long time. I love knitting and making toys because it always brings happiness to people; they’re a constant companion for anyone (young and old) that needs one, and their love is unconditional. In my younger days I depended a lot on a stuffed toy (or multiple fuzzy friends). We had adventures in blanket forts during the Winter, and pirate ship rides on the backyard hammock in the Summer. Sometimes they decided to accompany me on outings to the park, so we could go running through the grass; or to the grocery store, so they can explore the towering food isles while sitting on my lap in the shopping cart. Wherever I went, they wanted to follow. I named them all, and in turn, they all had identities and stories and voices.
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Needle Felted Lop Bunny

Felted Brown Lop Bunny

I finished making this adorable lop bunny a week after I made the black cat for my hubby. I mean, I couldn’t just make a cat for him and nothing for myself, so I, undoubtedly, made this little one! I *love* bunnies, though I’m quite partial to lops because of their full cheeks and floppy ears! I also cheerfully giggle when they stand up on their hind legs. It was the obvious choice when coming up with a posture to actualize.
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Needle Felted Black Cat

Felted Black Cat

Hey everyone! It’s been a couple of months since I made a post! I’m *so* sorry guys! I’ve been super busy revamping my food blog and getting sick with the flu (and my hubby getting sick with the flu) that I haven’t been able to type a great post. I don’t want to post anything mediocre or even something inferior than what’s in my capabilities (It’s no fun when you have to read a boring post…), so I waited until we were both healthy and things were less crazy before writing this one.
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Knit Bunny Hat

Finished Knit Bunny Hat

Ever since I knit a kitty hat for my hubby last year, I’ve been wanting to knit a bunny one for myself! I wasn’t actively searching for yarn for this project. In fact, I have a large stash of yarn that I have set aside, and still haven’t used yet (Anyone else guilty of that?). I knew that I didn’t need any more yarn. I had recently purchased an extra skein of yarn that I didn’t end up using, so I went back to the yarn store to make an exchange for something else.
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Needle Felted Cats

Playful and Sitting Felted Cats

This project was long overdue.

My mom gifted me a needle felting kit for my birthday, and I had set it aside for a few months. Those poor kitties were waiting to be crafted, meowing endlessly (well… not really, but it did make me feel a bit guilty) until I finally opened the package. I pulled out all of the wool roving in the felting kit, set up my felting station, and flattened out my instructions. I thought I was ready to begin, but realized very quickly that I wasn’t going to be able to just rely on the diagrams and needle-felt my way through it; I would have to translate the Japanese instructions into English.
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